Know who you are and how to be you at all times, with everyone, everywhere, EVEN in changable and stressful circumstances


    Be less reactive and emotional and instead respond from a place of confidence and certainty


    Make decisions that are right for you and have a compass bearing to follow in your life that leads to your best self and in turn your success


    Bulletproof yourself to the judgement of others - stop caring what others think so you can live YOUR life!


    Increase your confidence and self worth. Learn to trust yourself, you abilities and your decisions.

  • & BE FREE!

    Stop trying to play the part and drop the act of "who you are" and instead experience the freedom and confidence to be who you really are.


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    Course Manual
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    • What Are You Made Of? Instructions
  • 02
    Stage 1 - Getting Started
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    • What Are You Made Of?
    • What Are You Made Of? Stage 1 Worksheet
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    Stage 2 - 25 to 10
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    • What Are You Made Of? Stage 2 Worksheet
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    Stage 3 - Trying On The Values
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    • Trying On The Values
    • What Are You Made Of? Stage 3 Worksheet
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    Stage 4 - Showing Up Words
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    • Showing Up Words
    • What Are You Made Of? Stage 4 Worksheet
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    Using Your Values
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    • Using Your Values



“I am a qualified counsellor, life coach and NLP practitioner. I have been a student of personal development all my life and have done the Anthony Robbins event Unleash the Power Within where he trains you to master your personal power. I am entering my twilight years, and by this time I have of course examined my values and worked out what is important to me in life. So when Riley suggested the "What Are You Made Of?" program, to be honest I wasn’t too excited about it. I could not think what that program would deliver over and above the other work I had already done. However, I was stuck and certain aspects of my life were not working for me. So I did it. Wow – I was blown away. This is something really special, really unique. Riley is an amazing human – he is able to blend science and spirit in a way I have never experienced. Using a deceptively simple video/worksheet format he takes you through a logical step-by-step process that produces results that are truly life changing. What I finished up with at the end of the "What Are You Made Of?" program was a deep understanding of what is most important to me and how I need to show up every day in order to be the best version of me. I got • Clarity around decisions I needed to make • Certainty about my path and how to move forward • Confidence in my ability to deliver my unique gifts • A deep peace about where I am headed and hope for the future In my hands I now have a practical tool that I use like a compass to keep me pointed towards my true north. It helps me make decisions on tough issues where I feel really conflicted. Unexpectedly, it has also helped me to excel at work – I use it to remind myself of how I need to show up at meetings, how to push through when I initially seem to have hit a brick wall and how to develop high quality partnerships with key stakeholders affected by my project. I am achieving at work in a way I never thought possible. And did I mention creativity? That has also started showing up. I have more focus, vision and fresh ideas coming from I don’t know where! What do you think all that is worth to me? I can’t put a price on it. A better quality of life, better relationships, increased awesomeness – what would that be worth to you? If someone offered a tool that would guarantee you a pay rise of $5,000 per year, and it cost you $1,000 – would that be a good deal? You bet, because the benefits accumulate for years and years. Five lots of $5,000 is $25,000. All that for $1,000? What a bargain! It’s worth a lot more than that, right? That’s how I feel about the "What Are You Made Of?" program. It is totally worth it. If you are thinking about it – take my advice – DO IT. You will be so glad you did.”


“Before I did the program, I had been through a few tough years in my personal life, which affected business as well. I was working hard and a lot, but things just didn't happen. I got quite frustrated, as I felt that with all the work I was putting in, I should see much better results. I knew something had to change, but to be honest, I didn't know what was going on, what was missing, and why I was so stuck.
 Discovering my values helped me look at things differently. Assessing if I lived my life according to my values was quite interesting. I could see the gaps and start working at making the gaps smaller. Living life much more according to my values (I'm still not perfect!), makes life much easier. I feel happier and more fulfilled, which in turns shines through in everything I do. And as such, business has improved as well. Whatever effort I put in, now comes back with potential new business. I have more fun at work, and I enjoy life as a whole again. The biggest thing I got out of doing the program is a framework I can refer to every day to see if I live in congruence with my beliefs and values. I can see that on the days where I do, life is good, I feel happy and business is moving forward. When I don't, I generally feel a bit down, annoyed, frustrated. To anyone who is on the fence about doing the program, if you feel stuck and not sure how to move forward, work on your values through the program and start living by them. It will make life massively easier and you'll feel happier for it.”



    Riley is the creator & founder of Fearless Humans. A brain wizard, mindset expert & coach with 8+ years of coaching experience. A life long curiousity and fascination with humans and how they think, behave and grow led him to study neuroscience, the science of the brain. Now he works with heart centred entrepreneurs and business owners to turn their business killing mindsets into killer business mindsets. Riley is also available for private coaching, please contact him for more information.




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